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If you are passionate about the environment and you enjoy working with diverse teams in a fast paced environment, 全国网赌正规平台可能是你正确的选择!

In 2017, the City of San José established the Community Energy Department to administer San José Clean Energy (SJCE) – the city’s official electricity supplier. 圣José全国网赌正规平台是加州最大的社区选择聚合网站(CCA)之一. SJCE’s mission is to power 美国最大、最多样化的城市之一的可持续未来.

为SJCE工作意味着你也是圣José家庭的一部分! San José, the Capital of Silicon Valley, 它是全国管理最好的城市之一,也是十大最适合居住的城市之一, work, and do business. 此外,San José是该地区的文化、政府和经济活动中心. 圣城José的员工信奉以下价值观:诚信, Innovation, Excellence, Collaboration, Respect and Celebration.

Open Positions


The Department is currently seeking a 高级环保正规网赌平台推荐经理 to oversee the creation and implementation of community energy programs that promote equity, 减少温室气体排放, and produce community benefits by saving households and businesses money on their energy electricity bill. 这个职位向客户管理副主任报告, Marketing, 以及全国网赌正规平台的公共事务.


  • 领导部门的社区正规网赌平台推荐团队;
  • 监督水务署的持续发展 SJCE Programs Roadmap;
  • 管理社区计划和正规网赌平台推荐实施的实施和所有方面, 包括管理多个顾问和合同, 发展和遵守批准的预算, 并纳入利益相关者的投入, industry best practices, 和市场趋势,确保正规网赌平台推荐的成功. Initial programs include:
    • 社区太阳能(弱势社区绿色关税, or DAC-GT) and energy efficiency programs funded by the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC)
    • 加州电动汽车充电基础设施正规网赌平台推荐(CALeVIP)
  • Oversee the program implementer compliance requirements of CPUC-funded DAC-GT and energy efficiency programs;
  • 与城市各部门合作, including Environmental Services, Public Works, and Transportation, 利用城市里的其他正规网赌平台推荐 Climate Smart San José 减少家庭能源使用和加速电气化的战略;
  • 领导活动,招聘和协调与社区, CCA, government, utility, and industry partners;
  • Coordinate with SJCE’s marketing and community outreach team and member agencies to publicize program opportunities among eligible customers;
  • 开发衡量正规网赌平台推荐有效性的指标, 分析正规网赌平台推荐结果以修改实施活动, and develop and implement verification protocols to support cost and environmental effectiveness claims;
  • 担任SJCE正规网赌平台推荐相关问题的主题专家, including participating in related compliance and regulatory proceedings at the CPUC and the California Energy Commission;
  • 撰写报告并向市议会作口头报告, executive management, customers and community & industry groups; and
  • 有效地管理一个正规网赌平台推荐团队, consultants, 社区利益相关者团体和承包商.

我们强烈鼓励有兴趣的申请人 申请截止日期为2022年1月4日(周二)晚上11:59.

电力资源专家I/II -规管及立法政策科

在监管和立法政策部门经理的指导下, the Power Resources Specialist I/II will be responsible for assisting and supporting the division’s engagement in the number of complex electric regulatory proceedings in order to effectively advocate for the business interests of SJCE at the California Public Utilities Commission (“CPUC”), the California Energy Commission (CEC) and the California Independent System Operator (“CAISO”) to protect and advance San José business and community interests.


  • Evaluate regulatory and legislative initiatives to ensure compliance with energy risk management policies and support organizational growth
  • 执行电力费用及市场分析, policy risk assessment, and provide technical analysis to support internal forecasts and comply with applicable federal, state and local laws
  • 支持评论的准备工作, data requests, written responses, position papers, analytical models, testimony, 以及与各种技术监管程序相关的证物
  • Track, review, analyze, regulatory filings, 可能影响SJCE及其客户的建议和政策问题
  • 按要求完成其他相关工作.

This position is open until filled. 我们强烈鼓励有兴趣的申请人 申请审查将于2021年12月13日星期一进行.


This position will report to the Division Manager and support risk management and power contract oversight. Under general supervision, this position will support a variety of risk management functions in support of the department’s energy portfolio. The Risk Management and Contracts Administration Division is responsible for providing independent oversight of the risks assumed in the course of transacting for energy products and services as well as ensuring compliance with adopted risk management policies and procedures. This unit also provides strategic support to facilitate the development and execution of various non-energy contracts, tracks signed energy contracts, and manages the invoicing process.


  • Verifying that power supply agreements are authorized and executed appropriately and resolving contracting issues;
  • Developing mark-to-market analysis for SJCE power supply portfolio totaling over $1 Billion dollars; and recommending actions to reduce risk and power supply costs.
  • 监督供电结算功能, 包括验证电源交付, contract performance, 电源发票审批, 每月总额约3000万美元;
  • Reviewing invoices for accuracy, 解决电源供应商的问题, 为复杂的特定能源合同提供质量保证;
  • Providing analytical support for power supply audits and analysis of power purchases and sale agreements;
  • 为中长期合同提供风险管理分析;
    Utilize energy trading risk management database to prepare a variety of reports for the power contracts portfolio, utilize data visualization.
  • 根据风险管理政策批准能源采购;
  • 对新出现的技术和采购方案提供分析(e.g. 分布式能源、正规网赌平台推荐或存储技术.)
  • Conduct studies and develop analytical models related to energy risk management and forecasting;
  • 按要求完成其他相关工作.

This position is open until filled. 我们强烈鼓励有兴趣的申请人 申请审查将于2021年12月13日星期一进行.


Highly qualified candidates are strongly encouraged to apply for this exciting opportunity to join the Power Supply Team. 成功的候选人必须对加州能源市场有深刻的了解, relationships, 以及与各种市场参与者合作的经验, 包括:大型能源贸易公司, independent power producers, 投资者所有和市政公用事业, and CCAs. Experience successfully managing and improving power portfolio performance for a large utility or power trading firm is highly preferred.

向电力资源部副主任汇报, 该职位的职责包括但不限于:

  • Power product procurement, including trades in energy, resource adequacy, green products, and shaped, 可调度和降低风险的产品.
  • Oversee load forecasting. 准备、发布和评估权力征求. 短期、中期和长期电力采购合同谈判. 负责电力成本预测,采购策略和分析.
  • 准备与采购相关的责任,如整合资源计划, RPS Procurement Plans, 资源充足率年度和月度提前申报.
  • 探索并适当开展电力资源的开发、建设和运营.
  • 实施,维护和监督计划协调职能. Verify settlements.
  • 发展和维护与主要电力供应商的关系. Participate in joint procurement with other CCAs including developing and negotiating contracts, 评估电力采购交易.

The position is open until filled.


The Department is currently seeking to fill a Senior Analyst position to serve as an Account Services Manager in the Account Management and Marketing Division. 向客户管理副总监汇报, 该职位的职责包括但不限于:

  • Provide account management services for customers with complex systems and a sophisticated understanding of energy products and choices;
  • Manage customers and accounts; build and maintain customer relationships to ensure business growth; analyze business practices and new technologies, challenges, goals, 客户开发或完善产品或服务的要求和需求;
  • Identify trends in issues that may affect customer satisfaction levels and consistently communicates them to management in measurable terms;
  • Conduct analyses of customer electricity usage and optimization of rate schedule choice; collaborate to develop cost-benefit analysis of potential new Department programs;
  • Participate in preparing bids and specifications and monitoring the timely fulfillment of deliverables by consultants and service providers;
  • Review compliance of consultant and service provider work progress and the accuracy of billing and invoices for services.

The position is open until filled.