全国网赌正规平台社区咨询委员会向市议会提供意见. 它由社区成员和技术人员组成, business, 以及向市议会提出SJCE建议和建议的其他领域的专家. 它们有助于确定已被证实的和创新的减少碳排放的方法, 提高能源效率,开发新能源, 当地能源正规网赌平台推荐和设施. 最重要的是,他们是你和SJCE的联络人.

咨询委员会每月开会一次. Please email commissions@sanjoseca.gov 通知委员会会议和议程. 您可以找到过去和即将到来的议程和会议Zoom链接 顾问委员会的页面.


Daniel Zazueta -主席


Daniel Zazueta目前是红杉市的副检察官. 他在美国大学获得了学士学位.C. Berkeley and spent four years as a high school teacher before attending law school at Santa Clara University. Following law school, Daniel joined the Obama Administration as a political appointee in the Office of the General Counsel of the U.S. Department of Energy. He later converted to a federal position as a trial attorney for DOE and served a brief stint in the Office of the White House Counsel as Deputy Ethics Counsel under President Barack Obama. In 2017, Daniel returned home with his wife to San José where he grew up as the youngest of three children to a Mexican immigrant father and American mother. 丹尼尔回到圣José后,他得以参与当地政府的事务, be close to family, 然后组建自己的家庭. 除了担任CECAC主席之外, he also serves as the Treasurer and Judiciary Chair for La Raza Lawyers Association of Santa Clara County.

Glen Garfunkel


Glen Garfunkel has a background in solid-state physics and spent 31 years working in the magnetic storage industry in Silicon Valley. 他在器件物理和设计方面有经验, 磁性及薄膜加工及测试, product design, 表征和失效分析. Since the 1980’s he has been deeply concerned about global warming and its impact on the delicate balance of ecological systems and life on earth. After learning of encouraging progress in the early days of Community Choice Aggregation (CCA) in 2013, he cofounded San José Community Energy Advocates to help advocate for a CCA formation for San Jose. He has lived in San José for 23 years and is encouraged by the real impact local groups and local governments can have accelerating the shift to clean energy and looks forward to continuing improvements toward our goal of a carbon-neutral San José.

Gerald Gottheil


Gerald Gottheil has 20 years of experience leading successful marketing programs for start-ups and Fortune 500 companies in multiple markets, 包括:电信, office automation, graphic arts, 计算机与网络技术, virtual reality, 可再生全国网赌正规平台. 他认为,能源政策和正规网赌平台推荐对我们当地的经济、健康和安全至关重要. His background in energy has included primary research into phase-change energy storage; utility marketing and program management for energy conservation, demand management, and time-of-use metering; and branding, public relations, 以及公用事业规模的太阳能系统的营销传播. 杰拉尔德拥有特拉华大学机械工程学士学位, 圣地亚哥州立大学的工商管理硕士学位, 他是加利福尼亚州的一名注册专业工程师. 他在圣何塞生活了25年.

Desiree Grahn


德西蕾·格兰(Desiree Grahn)是一名全国网赌正规平台倡导者,在圣何塞居住了近25年. She has a Ph.D. 约翰霍普金斯大学社会学专业的教授,从大学开始就一直参与倡导活动. Recently, 她将注意力转向了创造健康和可持续环境所需的步骤. 德西蕾加入了塞拉俱乐部,并参加了他们的环境管理正规网赌平台推荐, 她是在哪里了解到影响全球变暖的最紧迫问题的. 随后,她与海湾2030倡议组织(Bay 2030 Advocacy group)合作,在当地倡导全国网赌正规平台. Over the last year, 作为气候行动领导委员会的成员, she has focused on the Climate Action Plan of cities on the peninsula as well as San Jose’s Climate Smart Plan. Desiree is honored to be a commissioner on the SJCE顾问委员会 and is looking forward to contributing to San Jose’s commitment to reducing GHG emissions to ensure a sustainable planet.

Ruth Merino


Ruth Merino worked at the City of San José’s Office of the City Auditor for 24 years where she was a Senior Program Performance Auditor. She retired in 2010 to focus on her environmental/energy advocacy interests of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by using more renewable energy, 电动/混合动力汽车和家用电器. In 2012, Ruth attended the Climate Reality Leadership Corp Training Conference given by Al Gore on how to present an updated slideshow similar to that shown in the documentary, 《难以忽视的真相.” In 2013, she completed an online course, Climate Literacy: Navigating Climate Change Conversations. She is the Board Secretary for the Santa Clara County League of Conservation Voters and Chair of San Jose Community Energy Advocates, a community group, which together with partner organizations successfully advocated for the 圣José市议会 to approve the San José Clean Energy program in May 2017. Ruth joined the San José Clean Energy Advisory Commission because she wants to give input and help ensure a successful implementation of the program. Ruth received her B.A. 自1992年以来,他一直是塞拉俱乐部的成员. 露丝住在圣José已经超过35年了,她开的是2017款Volt!

Victor Niemeyer


Victor Niemeyer is committed to working with the Commission and City staff to help SJCE make real progress in curbing CO2 emissions, 降低了加州最高的住宅和商业电价, 避免德州式市场崩溃的金融风险. 他知道这并不容易. 维克于2016年从电力研究所退休, 他在哪里领导了电力规划的研究, rate design, 电力市场的估值, risk management, and climate policy. He has since worked part-time modeling Mexico’s power market and the economics of hybrid power (solar plus storage). 他是纽约独立系统运营商环境咨询委员会的成员. 维克在加州大学伯克利分校(UC Berkeley)获得学士学位,在德州大学奥斯汀分校(UT Austin)获得经济学博士学位. 他在圣何塞生活了40多年, 在那里他帮助抚养了四个孩子和六个孙子孙女.

Tony Strawa


Dr. Anthony Strawa is recently retired from NASA – Ames Research Center where he was an Atmospheric Scientist, 研究气候变化20年. He is deeply dedicated to mitigating the effects of climate change through sustainable energy use and development. He has been involved in many climate related organizations and spoken at a variety of venues on the need, policies, 以及解决生态危机所需的技术. He is one of 20 Catholic Climate Ambassadors nationwide who speak about the Church’s position on climate change. He joined the commission so that he could use his expertise as a scientist and engineer to promote San José Clean Energy and further the City’s climate action plan. Dr. Strawa自1991年以来一直住在San José.

Richard R. Zahner


Richard Zahner有超过40年的规划相关经验, design, permitting, construction, operations, 电力系统的发展. His major interest and contribution has been integration of new technologies into commercial buildings and power generation. 他在柏克德公司担任高级职务, where he founded and organized the Operation Group and was an independent power consultant for Calpine. 理查德的经验包括燃气联合循环热电联产系统, 公用事业规模的太阳能正规网赌平台推荐, 生物质和废煤流化床燃烧器, 新技术评估与示范. 理查德曾参与多个正规网赌平台推荐,包括120兆瓦的吉尔罗伊能源公司, Capco生物质能源工厂12MW, 钻石能源的道斯韦尔正规网赌平台推荐680兆瓦, 一个2兆瓦的燃料电池发电厂, the 20MW Rough & 太阳能正规网赌平台推荐,液化天然气生产设施的概念设计. 在共同创立Next能源概念公司之前, he was responsible for Western Region Business Development at Calpine Corporation where he managed the acquisition of the 870 MW PG&E Geysers Complex. Richard most recently served as Vice President of Operations where he coordinated the company’s 90 plus plant fleet and managed the company’s vertical integration strategy in capital parts manufacturing.


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